We Provide Convenient Installation and Repair Services for Residential Locks

If your home needs better security, we can service your locks. A strong security setup is your home's first line of defense against crime. As highly trained locksmiths, we can optimize your home's security because we specialize in lock installation and door hardware. Integrity and security drive our locksmith business, so if you're looking for quality services and peace of mind, we're just a phone call away.

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We Install Keyless Locks for Homes

A keyless lock provides a high level of security and saves time. If the power goes out, you can still access your home via a keyless lock because the latest products have a convenient override mode. We can install the following keyless locks on your property.

Touchscreen Keyless Locks

A touchscreen keyless lock is a great all-around security solution for a busy family. It will only unlock a door for an authorized user who has a pass code.

Digital Deadbolt Door Locks

This keyless door lock upgrades a door in a convenient way. To lock or unlock a digital deadbolt lock, you'll need a Bluetooth-enabled device. When both technologies are within a certain range, the Bluetooth device will allow you to unlock or lock the deadbolt. A digital deadbolt lock has advanced features too. You can disable, share, create, and delete every user code for the system via Bluetooth.

SmartCode Keypad Deadbolts

SmartCode keypad deadbolt locks are easy to set up and use. If you need a keyless lock that's easy to read, this deadbolt system is worth considering because it has a backlight.

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Home Lock Door Repair

If you have antique locks or modern locks that need repair, we can fix them. We provide an antique lock repair service for vintage locks and expert locksmith services for advanced systems.

Keyed Locks Problems

When a traditional door lock needs repairs, it can disrupt everyone's routines. You can depend on us whenever you need lock repairs. We can fix a door that:

  • Has a broken key in its lock
  • Has a defective mechanism
  • Has a misaligned latch
  • Locks slowly
  • Doesn't lock

Deadbolt Lock Problems

There are a few situations when a deadbolt lock will require repair. If you're experiencing any of these problems, we can help.

As a deadbolt lock ages, dirt and dust will generate on its internal hardware. When this happens, its hardware won't turn easily. To restore a lock's mobility in this situation, a locksmith will have to disassemble the hardware to clean it. We provide this convenient service to our customers.

If you ever accidentally break a key inside of a deadbolt lock or break the lock's internal hardware, we have an emergency service. We'll remove the key from a deadbolt lock, and we'll make a replacement key too.

In most cases, we can repair a broken deadbolt lock. However, if a lock is beyond repair, we'll replace it.

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New Door Hardware Installations

Your locksmiths can upgrade your door with the latest hardware. We install door knobs, handles, levers, hinges, and kick plates.